21 June, 2013

We would like you to know that we begin with enrollment on Open Water Diver beginner courses which will start on 21.06.2013 (Friday) at 11:00 i..

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09 June, 2013

This summer introducing the new freediving courses from SSI with our FD Instructors Jovan Sekuloski & Irina Miloseska...

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Commercial diving

AMFORA diving center has a professional team that is trained to operate under water at great depths in difficult condition for diving such as diving in cold, fast and murky water and sophisticated equipment to perform underwater work and structures.
We offer the following services:

- Construction of underwater pipelines
- Performance of underwater work on dams
- Underwater welding and cutting
- Lifting burden and heavy weight objects under water
- Setting buckets and water pipes
- Underwater mining
- Underwater shooting and taking pictures
- Construction of ports
- Monitoring of derivative works underwater.

Within the team we have professional instructors who have an international certificate Supervisor works underwater and underwater demining.